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The Community Services Division (CSD) works towards the Council goal of “Maintaining Quality Essential Routine Services” through contractual relationships with non-profit organizations to provide cultural services, such as environmental education, art, 4-H and senior's activities. The five local non-profit groups below sign mutually beneficial annual contracts with the County of Los Alamos, enabling them to thrive and to provide their outstanding services for citizens and visitors.


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1000 Central Ave, Suite 310 Los Alamos, NM 87544

Historical Museum/Educator

The Los Alamos Historical Society is currently under contract to staff and operate the Los Alamos Historical Museum and bookstore, offer history related programs, and maintain the historical archives.  The Historical Museum is located adjacent to Fuller Lodge.  The Historical Society also develops educational programs and services for young people and families as well as increases outreach programs to the schools and other community organizations.

Quarterly Reports:

 - FY20 Qtr 1 LA Historical Society
 - FY20 Qtr 2 LA Historical Society

Fuller Lodge Art Center

KN, LLC is currently under contract to staff and operate the Fuller Lodge Art Center (FLAC).  The Art Center serves the community by providing a centrally located place for residents and visitors to both appreciate arts and crafts and to learn new skills.  FLAC provides a wide variety of educational opportunities and classes related to arts and crafts.  FLAC also staff a gallery shop that provides local artisans with a venue to sell their arts and crafts.

Quarterly Reports:

- FY20 Qtr 1 Fuller Lodge Art Center
- FY20 Qtr 2 Fuller Lodge Art Center

Environmental Education programs

Pajarito Environmental Education Center (PEEC) is currently under contract to create programs related to the rich natural environment around Los Alamos County and to staff and operate the Los Alamos Nature Center. Nature Center programs serve all ages — children, families and adults — from Los Alamos and surrounding areas, as well as visitors. PEEC provides talks, hikes and outings, school field trips, classroom lessons and other educational programs related to the nature of the Pajarito Plateau. PEEC programs and services enrich people’s lives by strengthening their connections with our canyons, mesas, mountains and skies.

Quarterly Reports:

- FY20 Qtr 1 PEEC
- FY20 Qtr 2 PEEC

Cooperative Extension

A Memorandum of Agreement is currently in place for New Mexico State University (NMSU) to provide extension service programs to the residents of Los Alamos County.  The programs and services include horticulture, water conservation education, integrated pest management, organization of the County Fair, Master Gardener's program, home economics, health awareness, food safety and preparation, nutrition and meal planning and youth development.  NMSU maintains a cooperative extension services office that is located in the Community Building (adjacent to Ashley Pond).

Quarterly Reports:

- FY20 Qtr 1 NMSU CES
- FY20 Qtr 2 NMSU CES

Los Alamos Arts Council

The Los Alamos Arts Council (LAARTS) is currently under contract to provide community cultural events that include children's theater workshop designed for participation by the children of the entire community, monthly noon-time musical or theatrical performances, and a variety of evening musical, cinematic, or theatrical performances.  LAARTS is housed in Fuller Lodge and sponsors several very popular community events including Scarecrow Contest, Pumpkin Glow, seasonal Arts and Crafts Fairs and the Los Alamos Kite Festival.

Quarterly Reports:

FY20 Qtr 1 LA Arts Council
- FY20 Qtr 2 LA Arts Council