Department of Public Utilities
Tim Glasco
Utilities Manager, Timothy A. Glasco

Operating under the jurisdiction and control of the Board of Public Utilities, the Los Alamos County Department of Public Utilities (DPU) is a customer service oriented municipal utility that provides electric, gas, water and sewer services for County residents and businesses and provides wholesale electric and water services to the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).

Need help with a utilities related issue, but aren't sure who to talk to?
Contact the Customer Care Center for assistance.

After-hours Emergencies
Call Police Dispatch at 505.662.8222


Get the New Los Alamos DPU App for Your Utility Account!
Los Alamos County is pleased to offer you a NEW convenient way to manage your utility account more effectively online or on your mobile device at no cost to you! Get the app today, register and start enjoying the benefits of this user-friendly tool!  READ MORE...
Carbon Free Power Project (Small Modular Nuclear Reactor)
At the direction of the Board of Public utilities, DPU is exploring whether or not to add a next-generation nuclear power facility to the County's energy generation portfolio to meet a 2040 goal to be carbon neutral. Through its membership with UAMPS (Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems), DPU is specifically looking at the Carbon Free Power Project that will utilize small modular reactor technology developed by NuScale Power.   READ MORE...
Future Energy Resources Committee, Reports and Implementation
The electric power industry is changing dramatically to reduce its emissions of carbon dioxide and other “greenhouse” gases. The Board of Public Utilities (BPU) established in 2013 a goal for the Department of Public Utilities “to be a carbon neutral electric provider by 2040.”   READ MORE...
Value of Solar Valuation and Executive Summary
This report was prepared to provide guidance on the valuation of solar renewable generation for the County of Los Alamos.  READ MORE...
Read Important Recent DPU Reports
Read the FY16 DPU Annual Report, the FY17 Quarter 2 Report and the Los Alamos Wastewater Plant Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan & Temporary Erosion Control Plan  READ MORE...

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