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Community Services Projects

Brewer Arena Lighting

Scope of Project
The purpose of the project is to replace and upgrade lighting at Brewer arena. The lighting project will replace poles, electrical wiring and lights. Lights will have LED precision directional lighting to control spill over.

- Musco Lighting was awarded the contract on September 28, 2021
- Supplies and materials ordered anticipated construction to start November 15, 2021


ADA Audit and Transition Plan

Scope of Project
The County Community Services Department (CSD) is utilizing a consultant to perform an ADA Audit and develop a Transition Plan. The ADA Audit and Transition Plan is a federal requirement to identify gaps in outdoor recreation amenities the create barriers to use by those with disabilities.
The project will use a consultant to perform a physical audit, review and inspection of all outdoor public spaces of Los Alamos County for compliance with Title II and Title III requirements of the Act. In addition, public comment and input will be gathered to further identify barriers to access to these items. The audit findings and public process are used to create prioritized short, mid, and long-term transition plan to bring any out of compliance items into compliance.

- Initial Project meeting held on October 7, 2021 between WT Engineering (contractor) and LAC Project Team.
- Time line was discussed and both teams are working on the detailed scheduled. 
- Anticipated physical audit to being on Nov 1, 2021.

Public Information & Involvement Plan (PIIP) Document

November 30, 2021 Meeting details

Pueblo Canyon Trail Conceptual Plan

Project History
Some aspects of this project originated from the 2017 Flow Trail Project, which was not completed due to lack of funding and overall objective. The scope of Flow Trail Project was to include consultation of existing flagged trail corridor and 3-4 alternatives to include feasibility, safety, and functionality for a “green” level International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) flowtrail and design of a seven (7) mile trail with a number and type of features anticipated.

Scope of Project

The County Community Services Department (CSD) is seeking a professional consulting service to provide a conceptual design and layout for new and renovated trails in Pueblo Canyon. The concept would look at possible MTB skills park in the Canyon as well. The desire is to look at concepts of a long multi-use trail approximately 7 miles, two-three loops of the main trail to allow for National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) events, a multi-use corridor trail connecting North Mesa to Downtown across Pueblo Canyon. The concepts would provide with cost estimates and presented to community stakeholders for modifications and prioritizations.

This process will solicit community feedback and input at several points in the process to develop and prioritize conceptual designs for projects to be shared with County Council for funding consideration.

LAC and contractor negotiating agreement terms and conditions. Anticipated start date: Nov 2021

BMX Track

Scope of the Project
Los Alamos County (County) is seeking design and construction services for a Bicycle Moto-Cross (BMX) Track which will require sanctioning by USA BMX. The track will be built on County owned property, located at North Mesa Park Road, on top of the existing facility. This is a design-build project, the design-build team shall include, a state licensed engineer or architect, and a contractor properly licensed in New Mexico for the type of work required. The vendor will seek stakeholder and user group input for three options on the BMX track.

Option 1 - would be a basic track, dirt turns and finish area, concrete starting hill, starting gate and perimeter fencing. This would be for local use.
Option 2 - would be the basic track, starting gate, walkways, bleachers, lighting, paved turns and finish area finish line support booth, announcers tower, support building restrooms and perimeter fencing. Ideal design would be for the 5 state region competition area.
Option 3 - All of option 2 with a consideration of amenities needed for a super-regional or national competition.

- Phase 2 for design concept services is out for consideration.
- Proposals are due October 19, 2021.
- Proposals extended until November 2, 2021

Integrated Community Services Master Plan

Scope of the Project
The County Community Services Department (CSD) is using professional consulting service to assist in the development of an Integrated Community Services Master Plan. This plan will identify and assess existing programs, services, facilities, gaps, and look at future needs, and then integrate these findings into an actionable plan among the key areas of parks, cultural services, social services, recreation, open space, trails, and library. The desire is to produce a 7 to 10-year road map to systematically invest, improve programs and services, establish best practices, prioritize needs of the community to continuously improve the department, divisions and quality of life in our community.

This process will solicit community feedback and input at several points in the process and include a statistically valid survey to establish community needs, satisfaction levels, and prioritize actionable items.

- LAC and contractor negotiating agreement terms and conditions.
- Anticipated start date Dec 2021

Public Involvement & Information Plan (PIIP) Document

Flow Trail Project - No longer active

Scope of Project

Los Alamos County is  looking for  an  experienced  and  certified  contractor  for  the  design and build of  a mountain bicycle  flow trail. The scope of work to include consultation  of existing  flagged trail corridor and 3-4 alternatives to  include  feasibility,  safety, and functionality for  “green”  level  International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) flow trail. Upon  completion  of  consultation, development  of  schematic design  of  seven (7)  mile  trail  with  number and type of  features  anticipated. Upon  approval  of design, contractor  will begin  construction of  the  trail while instructing  County  staff to  ultimately  self-perform trail  construction.

Red = completed

Green = current process

  1. Issue a task order/s for consultation of the proposed flagged trail and other potential trails as appropriate based on the RFP criteria for a “7-mile, green family-friendly flow trail in Los Alamos County.”
  2. Staff and consultant to update Task Order 1 deliverables, create presentation with options, and present at County Council meeting October 16 at 6 pm  Flow Trail Presentation 10-16.pdf

  3. Staff and consultant to present the top 3-4 options to the PRB subcommittee/s and Tourism Implementation Taskforce to discuss with committee/group and receive public input.
  4. Staff and consultant will then will incorporate committee/public input and narrow down to the best option.
  5. Staff and consultant to present the top option to Parks and Recreation Board to discuss with board and receive public input
  6. Staff and consultant will then will incorporate board/public input and prepare a presentation to Council to include our recommendation and a schematic design.
  7. Staff and consultant will then present the presentation to County Council for a decision.
  8. Upon decision being made one of two things will happen: 
      Approved - Staff will conclude the consultation phase and issue a task order for construction.
      Not Approved – Staff will receive direction for further action or inaction.

Flow Trail Contract 

AGR18-32 Mountain Capital Partners

Task Orders

                Flow Trail Options - Matrix.pdf

                Flow Trail Options - Map.pdf

                Flow Trail Options - Narrative.pdf

2021 UPDATE:

This project is no longer active and was terminated due to lack of funding. However, parts of the characteristics of this project are included in the Pueblo Canyon Trail Conceptual Plan. 


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