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Welcome to Los Alamos Film Office

FILM LIAISON: Kelly Stewart, EMAIL: [email protected], CELL: 505-412-3410 (text)


Required if filming anywhere within Los Alamos County

  • PAGE 1 / AUTHORIZED PARTIES-DATE RANGES - fill in all blanks
  • PAGE 5 / SIGNATURE PAGE – Must be signed by authorized individual; complete all information requested.
  • EXHIBIT “A” LOCATIONS – Complete only If you are filming at multiple locations within the County over multiple days
  • EXHIBIT “B” FILM LOCATIONS & SERVICES – Los Alamos County film liaison will complete on behalf of County departments and staff to document use of County-owned equipment and locations, and/or staff time/services procured by Production.

Print out agreement, complete all required information, get authorized signature, scan and send back to Film Liaison.

APPROVAL PROCESS – The County Manager has final approval of all film-related activities that impact County property, operations, businesses and/or residents and is the signatory on the film locations agreement. The County Manager will weigh all decisions based on the potential impact to County operations, cost-effective use of tax payer dollars, and the safety and satisfaction of constituents. The County Manager my require up to seven (7) working days to complete negotiation and signing of the film locations agreement, consulting Legal, Risk, Public Works and Community Development and Services functions, as necessary. Please account for this process in scheduling.

– Upon completion of agreement, provide COI in amount of $1 million/$2 million, name County as additional insured, and covering General Lability, Workers’ Compensation and Automobile Liability, as defined in the Los Alamos Film Locations Agreement (p. 2, #4).

TRAFFIC (IMPEDANCE) PERMIT & TRAFFIC PLAN $25.00 one-time fee – Must submit permit application with traffic plan a minimum of three (3) days prior to film activity. This permit is required for film crew and/or film activities that require interruptions to traffic patterns, including but not limited to closures, detours or intermittent traffic control operations.

  • Complete the Traffic Permit, attach a traffic plan that includes an accurate map (e.g., Google Earth) on which all sign and/or traffic impedance locations are clearly marked, as well as proposed operations. Submit permit and plan to Traffic Division.
  • The Traffic Division of the Los Alamos Public Works Department will review and approve your permit.
  • Los Alamos Police Department personnel may be available to perform traffic control or security ($60/hr).  Use this Officer Request Form if needed.
  • Traffic Control Services, including equipment, staff and services must be provided by a certified contractor at Producer*’s expense.

DIRECTIONAL SIGNS - placement alongside roads within the County limits must be approved in advance as part of the Traffic (Impedance) Permit & Traffic Plan process above.

  • Provide a map marked with the proposed locations for sign placements.
  • Sign map may be combined with traffic impedance maps as part of the same permit application for the one-time fee ($25).  In most cases, a Sign Permit is required.
  • Complete the steps listed under the Traffic (Impedance) Permit & Traffic Plan item above.
  • Signs may not be affixed to existing poles or facilities; Producer is responsible for providing a stand to affix each directional sign that complies with the County Traffic Divisions' standards and placed so as not to impede vehicle or pedestrian traffic.
  • For non-directional signs placed in any other location within the County limits, Producer to seek a special sign permit via the film liaison.

- (prep., filming and strike). Producer must complete and submit a Temporary Use Permit for County property. The rates for filming a production on property or in facilities owned by Los Alamos County are: $ 500.00 per day for set up and preparation for filming $ 1,000.00 per day for filming $ 500.00 per day for take down (strike), including the removal of production equipment and restoration of the Premises to their prior condition If more than one type of activity (e.g., prep and filming) takes place on the same day, a single fee shall be charged for the day based upon the highest rate for the activities taking place on the same day (e.g., filming). If the County determines that County employees are required to be present for or perform work in conjunction with the Event (e.g., opening the Premises, ensuring that the Producer does not violate the location limit on shooting activities, etc.), the Producer shall reimburse the County for the employee’s hourly rate and employee benefits and all applicable tax, or, if the work necessitates that the employee be paid overtime, at one and a half times the employee’s hourly rate and employee benefits. This fee will be invoiced to Producer at the conclusion of the Event; provided, however, that the County may require the Producer to pay the estimated fee (and tax) in advance to County employees doing any work in connection with the Production. If the production requires a commercial dumpster for trash collection or other similar services during filming or strike, Producer will contact Environmental Services to arrange dumpster rental and pickup.  Refer to the Environmental Services Fees for more information.

PAYMENT TERMS - FEE CALCULATION EXAMPLE: 1 Prep Day @ $500/day = $ 1 Film Day @ $1,000/day = $ 1 Strike Day @ $500/day = $ Total: $
If full payment of the total fee is not made in advance of the beginning of the scheduled Event, the County will consider this Agreement to be void and of no further force or effect. The County may, but shall not be required to, give Producer advance notice of its failure to pay the total fee in advance and give it an opportunity to cure that default. If full payment of the total fee is not made in advance of the beginning of the scheduled Event, the County will consider this Agreement to be void and of no further force or effect. The County may, but shall not be required to, give Producer advance notice of its failure to pay the total fee in advance and give it an opportunity to cure that default.

- Producer and County agree to jointly inspect the Premises prior to and following Producer’s use, specifying in writing all existing damage, if any.  County agrees to submit, in writing, within (five) 5 days of Producer vacating the Premises (or within timeframe acceptable by County to accommodate work schedules and/or weather) a detailed list of all property damage for which County claims Producer is responsible and shall permit Producer’s representative to inspect such damage prior to resolution and payment, as defined in the Film Locations Agreement (P. 2, #3.)

STAGING, FILMING AND BASE CAMP LOCATION CONSIDERATIONS – Most County operations are closed on the weekend, so large facilities and parking lots may be available for productions to rent for base camp operations, staging or filming. However, all vehicles, equipment, crew and any other remnants must be removed by/before operations resume on Monday morning. The production is responsible for working with the film liaison or the designated County staff person to confirm and abide by the specific timeframes, locations, protocols and processes.

NOISE RELIEF PERMIT - (No fee.) Also known as the Noise Ordinance Waiver Permit, this permit, if approved, is authorization for the production to exceed noise levels designated in Los Alamos County Ordinance No. 18.73 for a designated timeframe. Click here for Section 18-73. – Prohibited noise; decibel provisions. Please note the following:

  • The County Manager is the final approver and signatory on all Noise Ordinance Waiver Permit applications, and may deem most residential areas as off limits for film activities that produce noise outside the levels and timeframes in the Ordinance.
  • Notification of impacted residential or business areas may be required as a condition of the permit.
  • The Permit does not reserve or guarantee available use of any County lands or facilities; those must be secured under the Facility Use Permit or Temporary Use Permit (see below).
  • Return completed form via scan/email to [email protected] or drop it off at the Community Development Department (CDD) at the Los Alamos County Municipal Building at 1000 Central Avenue, Suite 150, Los Alamos, NM 87544, 505-662-8120.

- ($0.00 fee). Applies to bright lights or other possible impacts of filming activities that are excessive which are prolonged, unusual or unnatural in their time, place and may be considered a detriment to the public health, comfort, convenience, safety, welfare and property of residents. Production is requested to notify County of film activities that may potentially meet the above description and may be asked to notify impacted residential or business areas.


Los Alamos Film Locations Agreement
Film Locations & Services Checklist  - County-owned locations and services access and fees
Facility Use Application and Release of Liability - for County-owned locations
Environmental Services Fees - Commercial dumpster rental and collection 
Los Alamos County Airport Permit
Traffic Impedance Permit Form - directional signage, traffic control, access
Sign Permit  - directional signage, announcement posting
Temporary Use Permit
Noise Permit
Noise Ordinance
Officer Requests Formfor traffic control and security, if available