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North Mesa RV Storage



North Mesa RV Storage contains eighty-nine (89) recreational vehicle storage spaces located in North Mesa Park.

All recreational vehicles must be owned by the Licensee, approved, and listed on the agreement prior to storing the vehicle in the RV Lot.

All Licensees must be a resident of Los Alamos County. All recreational vehicles must be registered in Los Alamos County.

All Licenses are issued for a period of no longer than one year (October 1 throughout September 30).

Current Rules & Regulations can be found here:  RV Rules

Per the Use and Rental of County Facilities/Lands Fee Policy, the fees for the RV Storage lots are $1.50/sq ft. 

There are currently 3 sizes available:

$450.00 Small Lot (12x25)

$540.00 Medium Lot (12x30)

$900.00 Large Lot (12x50)

A waiting list is maintained by the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Division and all interested persons must provide their name, phone number, email address and the size of space requested by calling the Parks office at 662-8159 or sending an email to [email protected]. Those who wish to be added to the waitlist will be removed if staff is unable to contact them or receive a response within 48 hours of leaving a message.  Link to the: Waitlist Procedure  

Current waitlist is as follows:
Space size

Small:    57
Medium:  58
Large:   51