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The mission is to promote and provide for the health and safety of all uniformed LAFD firefighters. In support of this goal the Safety Division works to control and eliminate recognized workplace hazards, and mitigate hazards to an acceptable level of risk.

To improve safety always.

The division manages and supports internal risk-reduction programs and safety responsibilities to include: OSHA Compliances, medical evaluations, hearing conservation, infection control practices, fitness assessments and safety equipment (bunker gear, SCBA and other accessories).

Services facilitated, conducted by this division: Firefighter annual physical exams, fitness and VO2 max assessments
Immunizations, infection control Hose and nozzle, ground and aerial ladder, pump testing
Issuance of safety bulletins
Review of post-incident analysis and recommendations
Maintains, revises policy in safety directives
Oversight of SCBA Technicians, Clothing and Safety Equipment Team, Peer Fitness Trainers and Peer Support Team
Liaison with LANL Occupational Health and Wellness partners as well as Los Alamos County Risk Management Departments.
Chairs the Fitness Committee and the Health and Safety Committee.  

Health and Safety Committee

This committee is consists of management, field and Local #3279 LAFD union personnel appointed by the Fire Chief to serve for (1) year to assist the department with objectives of:
To reduce or eliminate loss of life, injury and evaluate potential hazards for firefighters
To increase safety and health awareness through education for firefighters
To review procedures and questions and provide solutions as brought forth to the committee concerning safety from the field
To review and recommend and research firefighting safety clothing and equipment and apparatus safety features
To develop criteria and process to quarterly safety award for all fire department personnel and civilian staff.  

Fitness and Wellness

LAFD firefighters are expected to maintain fitness as a conduit for increasing safety that views firefighters not only as the most important resource on an incident scene but considers our firefighters to be ready, fit and strong.

In 2016 the Safety Division along with key fitness wellness partners to include LANL Occupational Health and Wellness, Los Alamos County and Local #3279 union began to integrate pieces of the IAFC-IAFF WFI – Wellness Fitness initiative that were lacking to include researching the rehabilitation and behavioral health elements when it concerns firefighters. Internally two teams were created begin this journey.

Safety Division Staff

Todd Forsythe
Division Chief/Safety
[email protected]

Senior Office Specialist

LAFD Peer Support Team

LAFD Peer Support Team consists of LAFD firefighters to provide support in the behavioral, stress and abuse matters not to diagnosis, but to listen, and refer to other professionals in the field as needed. LAFD Peer Support members assist LAFD firefighters, but also serve regionally on the Metro Peer Support Team if called. The link is below.

LAFD Respiratory Protection Team

LAFD Respiratory Protection (SCBA) team consists 15 firefighters of SCOTT certified technicians that maintain, repair and test self –contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) breathing air packs and related equipment to industry standards.  This team is also responsible for initial new hire training and developing annual performance competencies (respiratory emergency skills) for all uniformed personnel. 

LAFD Clothing Team

LAFD Clothing team consists of (6) shift based personnel to maintain, issue and stock of uniforms, and safety related equipment that happens to be housed in fire department facilities of fire administration and the basement of Station 4. This team recommends safety clothing based on research and trials as needed. 

LAFD Peer Fitness Trainers (PFT)

The LAFD Peer Fitness Trainers (PFT) primary mission is to ensure that all our firefighters have the opportunity to maintain or improve their fitness. Peer trainers are ACE-Peer Fitness Trainer certified and are utilized to assist LANL Wellness Coordinators in maintaining a fire fit workforce.  LAFD firefighters are evaluated annually on Criterion Task Test (CTT) firefighter timed-task physical, fitness assessment-Microfit through LANL, and annual medical exams.