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In 1985 the DPU and the Department of Energy formed a power pool through an Electric Coordination Agreement (ECA). This allowed the two entities to blend resources. Los Alamos County's resources under the ECA are as follows:

    • Laramie River Station entitlement (coal, 10 megawatts)
    • El Vado hydroelectric facility (renewable hydropower, 9 megawatts)
    • Abiquiu hydroelectric facility (renewable hydropower, 17 megawatts)
    • Los Alamos' Western Area Power Administration entitlement (renewable hydropower, 10 megawatts)
    • Photovoltaic array on East Jemez landfill site (renewable solar, 1 megawatt)
    • County transmission arrangements
    • County purchased power contracts
    • Power Purchase Agreement (mix of renewable wind, photovoltaic and coal, 45 megawatts)
    • Los Alamos National Laboratory's combustion turbine (natural gas, 25 megawatts)
The amounts listed are peak capacities. They are not representative of actual generation.