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505-662-8010 main line

505-662-8008 fax

[email protected]

1000 Central Ave., Suite 240

Monday-Friday, 8 am - 5 pm

Election Inquiries: [email protected]

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Naomi D. Maestas
County Clerk

Term Ends: 12/31/2024
[email protected]

[email protected]
[email protected] (use for all election-related inquiries)
(505) 662-8010
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Los Alamos County Clerk Self-Service System

Use the link above to access our online records website where you can search the index of documents recorded and/or filed. You can also search and view official County government documents, such as minutes, ordinances, resolutions and code ordinances.



The County Clerk is responsible for the recording, indexing, archiving, and retrieval of permanent records. Currently, the Clerk’s Office maintains a records database with over 130,000 electronic public record documents, with daily retrieval assistance provided to the public. The County Clerk also manages an online records website containing record index information, which can be searched and viewed 24/7. Public records, such as deeds, mortgages, liens, and other documents written and acknowledged, are recorded daily. A portion of the recording and filing fees collected are utilized to purchase and maintain hardware and software that support the recording and archiving processes. In 2013, the County Clerk initiated a free service known as FraudSleuth, in which emails are sent to subscribers, notifying them if anything is recorded under their name. In 2023, this service was transitioned to Fraud Notify. Fraud Notify is a simple way to help you prevent being the victim of property fraud. When you register your name, you will be notified via email when a document is recorded with your name. This gives you an early warning if property fraud is committed in your name.

The County Clerk issues, records, and maintains state-mandated marriage licenses, retrieving and providing copies upon request. In 2014, the Online Marriage Application module was launched, allowing applicants to process the application online, thereby expediting the process. The County Clerk acts as the Clerk of the Probate Court and is the custodian of all Probate Court records, providing administrative support as needed.

The County Clerk serves as the Clerk of the County Council and attends meetings, preserving a record of the proceedings. The Clerk’s Office publishes and files government documents, such as ordinances and resolutions, which are accessible using the online records website. In 2015, over 500 Probate Case files were scanned into the records database for record retention and retrieval.

The County Clerk works closely with the Secretary of State to conduct all federal, state, county, and local elections in compliance with federal, state, and local charter. The office maintains election and voter registration records and voting systems. Delivers voter outreach to increase voter awareness in the community.

The County Clerk and staff perform general administrative support services, including financial management, providing attestation, and administering oaths.

Chief Deputy Clerk

Victoria Martinez
Elections Manager
[email protected]

Tori Montoya
Senior Deputy Clerk
[email protected]

Anna Archuleta
Deputy Clerk
[email protected]

Ubaldo Barela
Deputy Clerk
[email protected]

Ashley Atencio
Deputy Clerk
[email protected]

Marie Pruitt
Deputy Clerk
[email protected]

Katelyn Alarid
Student Clerk
[email protected]

Olivia Koo
Student Clerk
[email protected]

: Staff in this office MAY NOT fill out forms or offer such direction to the public. NM County Employees are prohibited from giving LEGAL ADVICE. Please contact a qualified licensed attorney for legal advice regarding the appropriate language, format, and/or process for matters handled by this office.



As ex-officio clerk of the Board of County Council, the Clerk is responsible for recording and maintaining the minutes of all meetings of the County Council. Also, as custodian of Council records, the Clerk maintains all resolution and ordinance files. After adoption and/or approval, these Government Records are available on the Online Records Website

While using the Online Records WebsiteCouncil Minutes are indexed by meeting date only. If you would like to search minutes using keywords or phrases, please utilize the Legislation portion of the Legistar Website

Past County Council 
 Minutes are also accessible via a link on the County Council Webpage. These minutes are reference copies only. The signed/sealed minutes are available via the Online Records Websiteor by contacting our office.

For additional information, or to obtain 
OFFICIAL copies of government records, please contact our office at (505) 662-8010.


Pursuant to Los Alamos County Charter, Article II, Section 202.2, Procedure and Agenda, the Council shall place on the agenda of its next regular meeting the subject of any written request signed by five (5) or more qualified voters of the County and presented to the County Clerk at least ten (10) days prior to that meeting. Citizens may complete and submit the Los Alamos Citizen Petition to the County Clerk's Office, who will then verify the number of qualified voter signatures has been met, and forward the petition to the County Manager's Office for review. 

PETITIONS: Initiative, Referendum, and Recall

The Los Alamos County Charter allows for any registered voter of the County to commence initiative, referendum or recall proceedings as specified



In order to submit your claim, you must complete a tort claim form and submit it to the County Clerk within ninety (90) days of the occurrence. The County Clerk will then forward your claim to the county attorney and the risk division. The claim will be forwarded to the New Mexico Self-Insurers’ Fund for investigation and adjustment. You may expect to be contacted by a fund representative regarding your claim. Call (800) 432-2036 or (505) 982-5573, if you have questions.

To preserve, maintain, secure, and provide convenient access, in perpetuity, to all public records entrusted to the Clerk's Office. To maintain voter registration files and conduct fair, honest, transparent, and accurate elections. To provide prompt and courteous service, processing each transaction in an accurate, thorough, cost-effective, timely, and professional manner while always remembering that we are here to serve the citizens.

 Disclaimer - A Word of Warning 
Despite our good faith efforts to be accurate, this page and our data may contain inadvertent errors. Please email us immediately if you notice an error. Also, please remember that website information is not a substitute for researching the law or for the advice of a competent attorney.