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As ex-officio clerk of the Board of County Council, the Clerk is responsible for recording and maintaining the minutes of all meetings of the County Council. Also, as custodian of Council records, the Clerk maintains all resolution and ordinance files. After adoption and/or approval, these Government Records are available on the Online Records Website

While using the Online Records WebsiteCouncil Minutes are indexed by meeting date only. If you would like to search minutes using keywords or phrases, please utilize the Legislation portion of the Legistar Website

Past County Council 
 Minutes are also accessible via a link on the County Council Webpage. These minutes are reference copies only. The signed/sealed minutes are available via the Online Records Websiteor by contacting our office.

For additional information, or to obtain 
OFFICIAL copies of government records, please contact our office at (505) 662-8010.


Pursuant to Los Alamos County Charter, Article II, Section 202.2, Procedure and Agenda, the Council shall place on the agenda of its next regular meeting the subject of any written request signed by five (5) or more qualified voters of the County and presented to the County Clerk at least ten (10) days prior to that meeting. Citizens may complete and submit the Los Alamos Citizen Petition to the County Clerk's Office, who will then verify the number of qualified voter signatures has been met, and forward the petition to the County Manager's Office for review. 

PETITIONS: Initiative, Referendum, and Recall

The Los Alamos County Charter allows for any registered voter of the County to commence initiative, referendum or recall proceedings as specified

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