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Electric Distribution Projects

Electric Distribution - Replace Underground Residential Distribution
The UG system contains 1970s infrastructure that was direct-buried and in direct contact with the earth. Sections of the UG system which have failed three or more times are targeted for replacement. The 3-phase primary feeder on Trinity Drive at Oppenheimer ha failed many times, affecting 1600+ customers.  
Budget: $350,000
Schedule: Year round

Electric Distribution - Replace Overhead System
Many components of DPU's OH infrastructure operate near or past their useful life--50+ years. DPU's Asset Management Program prioritizes O&M projects by: root cause analysis after power outages, quarterly line patrols and year-end assessments. The O&M program includes replacement of power poles and crossarms. Current priority areas are Pueblo, Questa and Ridgeway in the townsite and Beryl and Aztec in White Rock. 
Budget: $300,000
Schedule: Year round

Electric Distribution - Replacement on Arkansas Ave.
This is a joint project between DPU and Public Works to repave the roadway and upgrade portions of the electric distribution system along this segment of road. 
Budget: $75,000 
Schedule: Spring 2023

Electric Production Projects

Electric Production - El Vado Backup Generator Diesel Tank Replacement
The existing 1,000 gallon underground diesel storage tank is regulated and inspected by the New Mexico Environment Department. New regulations require that leak detection be installed on the tank piping. The existing tank is an underground tank installed in 1987. Given the age and increasing regulations on underground storage tanks, DPU will replace the tank with a new tank.
Budget: $85,000
Schedule:Summer 2023

Electric Production - Extend Abiquiu Hydroplant's Interior Concrete Deck
A portion of the existing floor within the powerhouse is gravel. This gravel area is aligned with the garage door where the majority of the loading and handling of heavy materials takes place. A new 25’ x 55’ reinforced concrete slab will be constructed to facilitate the handling of equipment and materials.
Budget: Total $60,000
Schedule: Summer 2023

Gas Distribution Projects

Natural Gas Distribution -SCADA Pressure Monitoring Stations
A new Supervisory Controls and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) is currently being launched for the gas distribution system. DPU will install various pressure monitoring stations throughout Los Alamos and White Rock to allow remote monitoring of the system pressures, provide trends of the system performance and provide alarms if there are any pressure drops.
Budget: $375,000 (FY2023 portion)
Schedule: Spring 2023

Water Distribution Projects

There are currently no large water distribution projects.

Water Production Projects

Water Production - Paint Barranca Mesa Water Tank
The Barranca Mesa Tank #2 is an elevated steel water tank near Barranca School. The deteriorated tank coating needs repainting to protect it for 30 more years. Structural repairs and a new cathodic protection system will be incorporated. LAC allocated $1,128,660 of American Rescue Plan Act funds to the project. DPU applied for a low-interest Drinking Water State Revolving Loan to fund the remaining balance of the project.
Budget: $1,128,660 (ARPA)
$171,340 (DWSRL)
Schedule: Summer 2023

Water Production - Motor Center Control Upgrades
LAC’s water production system has 27 wells and booster stations ranging in age from 25 to 70 years. WP is increasingly seeing failures related to the motor control centers (MCC), electric service feeds and miscellaneous electric components.
Budget: $2,727,000 (DWSRL)
Schedule: Fall 2023

Water Production - Pajarito Road/TA-50 Waterline Replacement
DOE/NNSA has requested relocation of an existing 16” water transmission line to facilitate construction of planned facilities. The waterline will be relocated from vacant land south of Pajarito Road into the road corridor. The work will be funded by DOE/NNSA.
Budget: $1,210,485 (DOE/NNSA)
Schedule: Summer 2023

Water Production - Bayo Booster Station Tank (Phase II)
In Phase II of the project to construct a new 833,000 gallon non-potable water tank at the Bayo Booster Station, the storage will be expanded from 182,000 gallons to 1,015,000 gallons. This will allow the non-potable system to capture flows normally discharged to the environment and increase the amount of non-potable water that can be conveyed for irrigation. 
Budget: $3,650,000 (Water Trust Board)
Schedule: Fall/Winter 2023

Water Production - LA Reservoir Road Stabilization
A River Stewardship Program (RSP) grant, sponsored by the New Mexico Environment Department, funds this restoration of the LA Canyon watershed both upstream and downstream of the LA reservoir. Stabilizing the watershed, using bio-engineering techniques, will enable the County to successfully stabilize the road and protect the
pipeline & electric conduit between the Ice Rink Road and the reservoir.
Budget: $300,000 (NMRSP)
Schedule: FY2023-24

Water Production - Tank Piping Upgrades
Miscellaneous valves and piping adjacent to existing tanks throughout the water production system require replacement after decades of being in service. The valves will be replaced by WP staff and supported by contractors as needed depending on the complexity of the work. These improvements will add to the reliability of the system.
Budget: $450,000
Schedule: Summer 2023

Wastewater Collection Projects

Wastewater Collection - Arkansas Area Backyard Sewer Renewal & Replacement
The sewer mains along Arkansas Ave. are located in residents’ backyards. The sewers are vitrified clay pipe installed in the 1950s. Due to the location the lines, they are regularly blocked and damaged by roots. They are extremely difficult to access for maintenance and repair. The lines will be assessed, and repairs and replacement of the problem areas will be performed.
Budget: $269,000
Schedule: Summer 2023

Wastewater Collection - Ridge Park Sewer Lift Station Elimination
The existing Ridge Park lift station is becoming unreliable and requires a major rehabilitation. This project will eliminate the lift station by constructing a new gravity line to
route sewage to the existing gravity system in the adjacent Timber Ridge Street.
Budget: $300,000
Schedule: Spring 2023

Wastewater Collection - Bayo Lift Station Elimination Pipeline
The Bayo Lift Station pumps sewage from all of Barranca Mesa to the Los Alamos WWTP. This represents about 20% of the sewage treated at the WWTP. The lift station needs
major upgrades and will be replaced by a gravity sewer line rather than repaired, eliminating the cost and risk associated with pumping the sewage.
Budget: $1,200,000 (CWSRF)
Schedule: Summer 2023

Wastewater Treatment Projects

Wastewater Treatment - Composting Improvements (Phase II)
The composting facility will be expanded to accommodate additional sludge processed from the new White Rock WRRF. The area is required to have an impervious liner to prevent the migration of contaminants into the groundwater. Also, the compost drainage area must be graded to drain to a detention pond with no offsite discharge. Future phase will include installing a hardened non-wear surface in the processing area.
Budget: $743,000
Schedule: Summer/Fall 2023
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