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1000 Central Ave Suite 150

Monday - Friday:

8:00am - 5:00pm

Los Alamos County Community Development Department
The Community Development Department is made up of four divisions: Planning, Building Safety, Economic Development, and Administration, with each having a vital role in the Department's mission to ensure well-planned development and high-quality construction practices in order to promote economic vitality and achieve the highest possible quality of life for the residents of Los Alamos.

The Department’s main goal is to provide consistent, timely, and solution-oriented land use planning, building permitting and inspection processes and housing policy and program development with the highest level of customer service in mind. Although many of the primary functions of the Community Development Department are essentially regulatory in nature, staff work with our customer base in a proactive manner, encouraging homeowners, businesses, developers, design professionals, and contractors to engage with them on their projects as early in the process as needed in an effort to provide the necessary education and technical expertise that will help to expedite the review process and ultimately result in a better overall experience for the customer and outcomes for the Community.

Short-Term Rental Program Development Project
Short-term rentals, also known as vacation rentals, are now a mainstay in most communities and Los Alamos is no exception. The purpose of the Los Alamos STR program project is to define the market in the County, assess benefits and drawbacks, and incorporate public input. The ultimate goal of the project is Council adoption of an ordinance that establishes a mechanism for STRs to legally operate in Los Alamos County as part of a program that effectively manages neighborhood impacts. CDD Planning Division has partnered with short-term rental program experts Wilson & Company to help develop this program.
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You may submit permit application to [email protected] or submit and pay for your applications online at our Citizen Self Service Portal at the following link: Self Service Permitting Portal.

To make an appointment for an in-person meeting, call 505-662-8120.

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The Administration Division ensures quality customer service for permits, planning cases, business licenses, and code enforcement. Administration staff work with stakeholders, residents, design professionals, licensed contractors, and project managers engaged in the permitting process. Administration provides general support to internal and external customers. Administrative staff also oversee the system administration of the department's EnerGov permitting software, a responsibility currently shared with the Information Management Department.

Administration Staff:

Name Job Title Email Phone
Paul Andrus Community Development Director [email protected] (505) 662-8120
Andrea Fresquez Senior Office Specialist [email protected] (505) 663-3436
Adrienne Lovato Senior Management Analyst [email protected]
(505) 662-8293
 Lenora Maes Senior Permit Technician  [email protected] (505) 663-1894
 Wendy Laird Permit Technician [email protected]  (505) 663-1727

Code Compliance

Code Compliance Page

 Name Job Title  Email Direct Line
Eric Abeyta Code Compliance Officer
[email protected] (505) 662-8024
Antoinette Padilla Code Compliance Officer
 [email protected]  (505) 663-1895


Planning Division

The Planning Division serves as an advisory role to appointed and elected officials in providing professional review, analysis, and recommendations regarding all land use related matters including the following development applications: Site Plans, Re-zoning, Waivers, Special Use Permits, Subdivisions, Comprehensive Plan amendments, and Development Code (Municipal Code Chapter 16) amendments.

With support from the Inter-Departmental Review Committee (IDRC), Planning staff acts as case managers for all land use applications.

Planning Staff:

Name Job Title Email Direct Line
Sobia Sayeda  Planning Manager [email protected]
(505) 662-8122
 Jane Mathews  Senior Planner [email protected]  (505) 662-8055
Anita Barela Associate Planner [email protected] (505) 662-8006
Desirae J. Lujan Associate Planner [email protected]
(505) 662-8097

Building Safety

David Martinez (505) 663-3447

Building Safety Division

Building Safety Division reviews building permits, provides plan reviews (residential & commercial), conducts Inspections, and performs Code Enforcement of the Nuisance Code (Municipal Code Chapter 18) with support from the Fire, Police, Public Works, and Public Utilities Departments.

Building Safety Staff:

Name Job Title Email Direct Line
David Martinez  Building Safety Manager and Chief Building  [email protected]  (505) 663-3447
Michael Rivera  Senior Building Inspector [email protected] (505) 662-8129
Michael Marquez Plans Examiner [email protected] (505) 662-8114

Economic Development / Housing

Dan Ungerleider (email)
Economic Development Administrator
(505) 662-8296

Victoria Pacheco (email)
Management Analysis
(505) 663-3483

Janice Krish, (email)
Economic Development Program Manager
(505) 662-8116

Dan Osborn (email)
Housing Program Coordinator
(505) 663-1755