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The Community Services Division (CSD) works towards the Council goal of “Maintaining Quality Essential Routine Services” through contractual relationships with non-profit organizations to provide cultural services, such as environmental education, art, 4-H and senior's activities. The five local non-profit groups below sign mutually beneficial annual contracts with the County of Los Alamos, enabling them to thrive and to provide their outstanding services for citizens and visitors.

Community Art Tunnel

The Community Art Tunnel provides an opportunity for artists to create temporary public art. The Community Art Tunnel is repainted with a base layer once a year, by April 15 to provide a refreshed space for new creatives and opportunities.

The Community Art Tunnel is intended for artists and audiences of all ages. Participants are required to follow all directions on use and application for mediums used.


1) Don't paint over someone else's art

2) Spaces are first come first served
3) Scan QR Code & complete form before creating

4) Create your art within 1 selected space

5) Don't paint ceiling or floors

6) Approved materials are: chalk, acrylic latex paint & spray paint


8) Don't use oil based paints

9) Don't stick/glue items to the wall

10) Intended for artists and audiences of all ages

11) Don't block walkways with equipment

12) Clean up after you have created your masterpiece

13) Los Alamos County reserves the right to remove any artwork

14) Sign and date your work

15) Take a picture and share it with us at [email protected]

Either scan the QR code that is placed for each space or complete the below form: 
Please note: that if the number you have selected doesn't appear, then that space has already been reserved by someone else. 


Cultural Services Contractors: 

Historical Museum/Educator

The Los Alamos Historical Society is currently under contract to staff and operate the Los Alamos Historical Museum and bookstore, offer history related programs, and maintain the historical archives.  The Historical Museum is located adjacent to Fuller Lodge.  The Historical Society also develops educational programs and services for young people and families as well as increases outreach programs to the schools and other community organizations.

Fuller Lodge Art Center

Los Alamos Arts Council is currently under contract to staff and operate the Fuller Lodge Art Center (FLAC).  The Art Center serves the community by providing a centrally located place for residents and visitors to both appreciate arts and crafts and to learn new skills.  FLAC provides a wide variety of educational opportunities and classes related to arts and crafts.  FLAC also staff a gallery shop that provides local artisans with a venue to sell their arts and crafts.

Environmental Education programs

Pajarito Environmental Education Center (PEEC) is currently under contract to create programs related to the rich natural environment around Los Alamos County and to staff and operate the Los Alamos Nature Center. Nature Center programs serve all ages — children, families and adults — from Los Alamos and surrounding areas, as well as visitors. PEEC provides talks, hikes and outings, school field trips, classroom lessons and other educational programs related to the nature of the Pajarito Plateau. PEEC programs and services enrich people’s lives by strengthening their connections with our canyons, mesas, mountains and skies.

Cooperative Extension

A Memorandum of Agreement is currently in place for New Mexico State University (NMSU) to provide extension service programs to the residents of Los Alamos County.  The programs and services include horticulture, water conservation education, integrated pest management, organization of the County Fair, Master Gardener's program, home economics, health awareness, food safety and preparation, nutrition and meal planning and youth development.  NMSU maintains a cooperative extension services office that is located in the old Red Cross Building (little building to the right of the turn into the Betty Ehart Senior Center), 1251 Bathtub Row, Los Alamos. 

Los Alamos Arts Council

The Los Alamos Arts Council (LAARTS) is currently under contract to provide community cultural events that include children's theater workshop designed for participation by the children of the entire community, monthly noon-time musical or theatrical performances, and a variety of evening musical, cinematic, or theatrical performances.  LAARTS is housed in Fuller Lodge and sponsors several very popular community events including Scarecrow Contest, Pumpkin Glow, seasonal Arts and Crafts Fairs and the Los Alamos Kite Festival.

Los Alamos Summer Concert Series

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Los Alamos Summer Concert Series first 6 concerts will be virtual for the 2021 Season.

Concerts are released at 7pm on Friday nights May 21st - June 25th, 2021 on the Los Alamos Community Services Facebook page, and Los Alamos Summer Concerts Facebook Page.
If you don't have a Facebook account, we've got you covered! Videos will be uploaded to our YouTube Channel at 7pm on Friday.  

May 21st Concert: Dave Hause

May 28th Concert: Will Hoge

June 4th Concert: Ozomatli

June 11th Concert: The Ordinary Things
June 18th Concert: Lilly Hiatt
June 25th Concert: CBDB
July 2nd Concert, LIVE at Spirio Field: Austin Van
July 9th Concert, LIVE at Spirio Field: Dusty Low, 
July 16th Concert, LIVE at Ashley Pond: Igor & The Red Elvises
July 23rd Concert, LIVE at Ashley Pond: Sim Balkey
July 30th Concert, LIVE at Ashley Pond: Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts
August 6th Concert, LIVE at Ashley Pond: Bone Orchard
August 13th Concert, LIVE at Ashley Pond: Katy P & The Business
August 20th Concert, LIVE at Ashley Pond: Nosotros
August 27th Concert, LIVE at Ashley Pond: Smooth

The Concerts will also be aired on PAC 8 every Friday night at 7pm.

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