County, LANL and Emergencies

Los Alamos County Emergency Management is a separate entity from the Los Alamos National Laboratory Emergency Management and Response. The County is a local jurisdiction that is responsible for the safety of all persons within its borders, whether or not they are employed by the lab. The lab is a government-owned, contractor-operated facility with responsibilities to its employees

Los Alamos County, is required by State and Federal laws to have an emergency operations plan (EOP). The EOP provides the framework for how the County will respond to and manage any disaster or emergency that affects the County. The current County EOP was adopted in Spring 2006. A new plan, will be adopted in October 2017. The County is also required to maintain its Hazard Mitigation Plan. The Plan was approved by FEMA in March 2016 which allows the County to apply for Hazard Mitigation grant funds.

Los Alamos National Laboratory is required by the Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration to have an emergency management plan (EMP) for incidents or emergencies that happen anywhere in the lab/on DOE/NNSA property. The LANL Emergency Management & Response Group prepares and revises its EMP annually and also sponsors an annual exercise of its Plan. The lab is not required or authorized to respond to emergencies or disasters that do not originate or take place on DOE/NNSA property in Los Alamos County. For additional information on LANL emergency response, go here:

In the event of a disaster, catastrophic emergency or event which engages both LAC and LANL, both entities would operate under Unified Command protect lives, property and the environment.

Contact Information

Emergency Management Commander  [email protected]
Beverley Simpson  662-8283