Automated Metering Portal Information

Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Since summer 2021, automated meters have been recording utility consumption to DPU’s customers* continuously every day. This type of metering, Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI), is helpful to both the customer and DPU.

•   AMI allows for quicker leak detection.
•   AMI customers can set usage thresholds at which they are automatically notified if they are trying to keep utility costs low.
•   AMI is a great tool for utility conservation. Customers can see the effect of water or energy impacted activities right away and adjust behaviors accordingly.
•   AMI is a critical tool in helping DPU meet its own long-term conservation goals.

* DPU’s residential customers may opt out of AMI service. As of March 2022, some commercial meters are not yet replaced with AMI meters due to meter supply shortages.

AMI Self Service

Customers may monitor their usage 24/7 on DPU’s AMI Self Service portal. Log in at .

First-time users of the portal should click on “Need to set up an account.” They will need to have two numbers from their bills to complete the setup: customer number (7-digit number starting with 2) and account number (7-digit number starting with 3).



Self Service users will see their dashboards once they’re logged on to the portal. In the header, they’ll see account details and which service is being summarized on the dashboard. The same header shows throughout the dashboard.

AMI Opening Page

To change the service, click on the drop-down arrow next to “Customer” and select the service you’d like to review.

Services Drop Down Menu

Usage Details


Whether you’d like to look at utility consumption for one day or one year, you can retrieve that data on the Usage Details page. You can customize with dates and must select each service separately. Weather data is included because utility patterns are often affected by seasonal temperatures.

AMI Portal Usage Details


The Meters section gives you an at-a-glance overview of your usage so far within the current billing period. It is also one of two spots where you can manage usage alerts, which are useful so that spikes in consumption don’t go undetected if you don’t log in to the portal. In fact, if you set up alerts, you may find that you only use the Automated Metering Self Service portal when you receive alerts that something out of the ordinary has occurred.

AMI Portal Meter Details

The other area where you can manage alerts and who receives them is under “Settings.”