Induction Cooktop Loaner Program
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Test drive the power of induction!

Curious about an alternative to natural gas or an upgrade to the standard electric cooktop? Induction cooking uses electromagnets to transfer energy directly to the pan placed on the cooktop surface, reducing cooktime and giving you more time to do other things you love. 

Induction heating:

  • Is more powerful than gas stove heating
  • Directs 90% of induction heat into your food by heating up the cookware and not the surrounding stove surface
  • Is safer around pets and children since the heating element is never exposed while on
  • has better temperature control than other cooking methods, allowing for a transition from a rolling boil to a simmer in seconds
  • Reduces indoor air pollution when compared to gas cooking
  • Will run on clean energy as your DPU works toward becoming a carbon neutral power provider.

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DPU customers may borrow cooktop kits!

Our customers can sign up for the Induction Cooktop Loaner Program so they can test drive the power of induction for themselves at home. Under the program, a customer may take a kit home for two weeks to get hands-on experience with cooking on an induction cooktop. This opportunity is great for anyone who has an aging range that they'd like to replace, who is considering a kitchen renovation, who might be interested in working toward carbon neutrality, or who is simply interested in trying out the technology.

The Induction Cooktop Loaner Program kits include:

  • A portable single-burner induction cooktop
  • A choice of an induction-ready pot, pan or wok
  • Some colorful utensils
  • User instructions
  • A magnet to test other pots for induction readiness
  • A nifty carrying case


Call Abbey Hayward at 505-663-1779


Click here for the online program reservation form

Induction Cooktop Loaner Kit