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ADVANCED METERING INFRASTRUCTURE IS COMING TO LOS ALAMOS IN SPRING 2021 (note the video indicates Summer of 2020. The project was delayed due to COVID-19 and other factors)



DPU is in the process of upgrading the existing metering system to an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) network.  Installation will begin in mid-March 2021 in a phased approach starting in White Rock. DPU will reach out to customers as work moves from neighborhood to neighborhood to advise of the customers of the project logistics, benefits, and the opt out options.  (Watch the above video). 

AMI is a method of using communication technology to read meters remotely without having to access the meters located in meter boxes or in the ground.  Using electric smart meters and communication modules attached to existing gas and water meters, the AMI architecture will transmit usage electronically using a point to multi-point radio frequency network.

Once the AMI is fully deployed and integrated into DPU’s billing system:

  • AMI (through a customer portal) will help customers take control of their monthly bills as it provides detailed customer information on electricity, gas, and water consumption in near real-time online or through mobile devices.
  • Meter technicians will no longer need to enter onto customers’ properties to read meters every thirty days. 
  • The smart meters in the near future will alert the DPU of power outages, and the communication modules can alert the DPU and customers of service issues, such as water or gas leaks. 


2019-02-20 Approved Rule GR-16 Advanced Metering Infrastructure (GR-16.03 Ability to Opt Out)

Overview and Benefits of Advanced Metering Infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Advanced Metering Infrastructure.


DPU bills customers throughout the month on a 28-35 day billing cycle, which is based on each customer’s neighborhood meter-reading schedule. If a “E” appears in the “Read Type" column on your bill, this means our billing system estimated your meter-read in the absence of a visual-read by a Meter Reader. Visual reads may be inhibited by plant overgrowth, locked or frozen gates rendered impassable, animals in the meter area, or snow or debris covering the meter. All estimated reads are validated individually by Customer Care Center Staff against historical norms.

Customers may also submit their own meter reads to the Customer Care Center. Contact the Customer Care Center for instructions.  [email protected] or 505.662.8333

The due date of payments is 25 calendar days after the Billing Date on your bill. On the 26th day, all existing charges become past due and a 1% late fee is assessed.