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Welcome to our “Open Gov” Portal!

Los Alamos County is committed to open and transparent government. This page provides links to key documents or web pages that we hope will be of interest to citizens. If you do not see a particular document listed on-line, that does not mean it cannot be made available to you: Submit an Inspection of Public Records request when you link here.

We are striving to improve this web page to offer more government documents on-line whenever possible. If you have suggestions for additional links that you would like to see included on the Open Gov Page, please contact us!


Annual Reports

County Manager's report on County goals' annual progress - link here.

Police Chief's annual report on LAPD & crime statistics- link here.


Building Permits and Zoning

Information for applying for a building permit is on the Building Permits page.


Community Survey Results

Read the 2022 survey results from the National Community SurveyTM conducted in December 2022. The survey is designed to gauge citizen perceptions of the ten facets of community livability. Survey results are compared with national benchmarks from 500 other communities.

National Community SurveyTM - Comparison Report (Demographics) Report
National Community SurveyTM - Statistical Significance Thresholds Report
National Community SurveyTM - Responses to the Open-ended Questions (13, 15 and 17)


County Charter

The charter can be found in the Municipal Code.


Code of Conduct

The Council adopted a Code of Conduct in November 2014. It is Ordinance 02-240 and can be accessed in the County Municipal Code - Chapter 30 Code of Ordinances. It applies to Council, Boards and Commissions, and County Employees.


County Council Rules

Read the Los Alamos County Council Procedural Rules updated and adopted by the Council on March 29, 2022 that govern their conduct of Council meetings, closed sessions, appointment of committees, and much more! Note: Rules are not necessarily updated each year - March 2022 is the latest update.


County Employees

If you are looking for a service area or department, try the A to Z Services Directory here.

If you know the name of the County employee and want to reach them by phone or e-mail, call the Customer Care Center at 662-8333 and ask for assistance - they can either transfer your call to the right department or look up an e-mail address or phone number for you.

County Manager, Deputy County Manager, Elected Officials and Department Directors are listed by name and e-mail address here.


County Manager's Office

View names and contact information.


Comments or Concerns

Not sure who to call in County Government? That's OK! Contact the Customer Care Center (505-662-8333). Their walk up office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. in the Municipal Bldg lobby. See their page for many more helpful links.


Contractor Quarterly Reports

The County contracts with several local agencies to provide social and cultural services for the community. They submit quarterly reports to the County on their activities and the reports are posted on line so that citizens can review how County funds are being spent. The reports are due to the County one month after the quarter ends, and then the County has one month to review and then upload the reports (therefore, a quarterly report might not be available for up to two months after the quarter officially ends.)The fiscal year report for the entire previous year is also posted for comparison. Link to Community Services - either the social services section or cultural services section - to download their reports.


Disclosure Statements

Disclosure statements for the current calendar year for County Councilors regarding outside employment, membership and financial interest are linked here.


Elected Officials

Find contact information for the County CouncilCounty ClerkSheriff, AssessorMunicipal Court Judge, and Probate Court Judge.

Note: Campaign finance and expenditure reports and statements are not kept at the Clerk’s office - contact the Secretary of the State of New Mexico.


Employee Compensation

View County employee positions, pay ranges and pay rates here.


Facebook Pages

Many of the County divisions offer citizens an easy way to stay updated about events, news and general updates or alerts through Facebook. The County has adopted a Facebook policy that lists criteria for citizens posting comments - access that criteria here.

Visit and "Like" the Main County Facebook Page here.


Finance (Office of Management and Budget)


Checkbook Register

View a listing of the vendor, amount paid, date paid and invoice number when you review our monthly Checkbook Register, which is posted by the Finance office after the close of each month (typically within 15 days of the next new month).


View the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the previous three fiscal years.


The County’s adopted budgets for the previous two fiscal years can be found here.



Review the current Contract for lobbying services.


Open Meetings

Review the Open Meetings Resolution for the current calendar year.

Find this year's Calendar of all County Council or Board and Commission Meetings.

Council Meetings: All Regular Council Sessions are broadcast live on PAC-8 television (cable TV) and then re-played at least twice within a week of the meeting. Regular and Work Sessions are streamed on the County Council webpage. After a meeting has ended, within one or two days the regular meetings or work meetings are posted on the County's Video on Demand webpage.

Council meeting agendas are available no later than 72 hours before the Regular or Work Session. Minutes are posted after they are approved by the Council. For agendas or minutes, link here.

Boards and Commissions' meetings follow the Open Meetings Resolution. Most of the Boards and Commissions meet in the Municipal Building and stream their meetings live, and then offer Video-on-Demand for later viewing, similar to Council meetings. A listing of members, terms, charter, work plans, terms and meeting times can be found here. Links to Boards and Commissions' meeting agendas and minutes, or streaming/Video on Demand services, can be found here.


Open Forum

The County posts questions about items, issues or projects of high public interest on this third-party-moderated page called "Open Forum". Launched in Fall 2012, the page allows you to create a personal profile by signing up - if you do, you will receive notices when any new topics are posted in the Forum. You can remain anonymous when you sign up, but will still be able to post a comment about the topic(and can read and then click that you "support" what others are saying, too!). Check it out when you link here!



Once published (prior to Public Hearing), the Clerk posts the title and PDF of the file here.

After adoption, the County Clerk maintains a database of adopted County ordinances that can be searched on-line by Ordinance number or by inserting a search string of text. Visit the Clerk's On Line Records Search Website.


Procurement (Solicitations & Contracts)

Find more information about procurement opportunities, open Bids and Proposals and general procurement processes here.

All awarded contracts are on file in the County Clerk’s office.


Public Records

Los Alamos County complies with the State of New Mexico's Inspection of Public Records Act. Information and directions on how to request public records can be found on the Inspection of Public Records webpage.



Once published (prior to Council consideration), the Clerk posts the title and PDF of the file here.

After it is passed, the County Clerk maintains a database that can be searched on-line by Resolution number or by inserting a search string of text. Visit the Clerk's On Line Records Search Website.


Snow & Ice Control Plan

Each fall, this plan is reviewed and passed by a vote of the Transportation Board, and then signed by the County Administrator. It is typically published at the end of October and then posted to the Public Works Division page under the Pavement Division. Link here to download a copy of the latest plan.


UAS (Drone) Registration

Have a question about a County-operated drone flying over Los Alamos or White Rock? Drones are required to be registered with the FAA and operators must be County employees who are Part 107 certified. Click here for the list and contact info, or email [email protected] with questions or concerns.